Simple Floor Washes -Great For Sundays

SIMPLE FLOOR WASH - Great For Sundays! 

Great for :

Love, Money, Luck, Reunite ex, Cleansings

Services: Health , Protection Services

This floor wash is used for general spiritual house cleansings.p

1 cup of Rue

1/2 Lime Juice

2 cups of Kosher Rock Salt

Holy Water (Spiritual water)

1 cup Kolonia 1800 (Spiritual water) or use Florida water(I have a recipe for Florida water if you would like it,just ask or look on my website) 


A good general floor wash used to banish negativity.

1 cup Sage

1 cup Rosemary

1 cup Lime Juice

1 cup Rue

1 cup Kosher Rock Salt

Florida Water (Spiritual Water)


A good general floor wash to bring

prosperity, luck, love and protection.

1 cup Roses

1 cup Lilacs

1 cup Mint

1 cup Cinnamon Sticks

Florida Water (Spiritual Water)

These are best done with psalms .  There is a lot of power in the book of psalms. 

I always use cigar to do Cleansing's over head, blow into crown of head, blow smoke into area or around candles as saying prayers, Affirmations etc 


Now exactly how you do/ make your spiritual bath , pour 1/4 of that mixture into water bottle

If you have wood floors you can add wood floor cleaner or oil 🔥

If you have regular floors /add mixture to spray bottle with floor wash 

Pray using psalms (your choice)

Or use affirmations 

I personally work with my ancestors and always go to them when I want something. 

Call out to your ancestors and say " I feed and protect you, thank you for feeding and protecting us."

I come to you with " fill in blank."

Another thing that works amazing for attracting money, prosperity and good fortune for household is plants!   

Plant specific plants on all 4 corners of your property, or place specific plant by front and back door.  I always find a statue or some sort that has been blessed to place next to my plants and around home. 


-Dried rosemary 

get rid of bad dreams once sprinkled inside of a pillow


Place a Rue plant in the room of person having night terrors Rue is used in repelling bad spirits.   Rue is known around the world as the Herb of Grace, it has many different uses in both physical and spiritual healing. (One of my favorites) ✅


Most people get good vibes from Basil. 

Tip:  (katz favorite) ⭐️

 “3 sisters” by Mexican healers: Basil, Rue and Rosemary. These plants together are said to be a powerful aid against spiritual evils-attacks etc.  (Great for protection) 

Hope this helps and feel free to share.  

Katz Rodriguez

Ordained High Priestess 

702-473-0142 (text)

I wish you nothing but happiness, peace and send good energy your way today.  Today is an amazing day!  Why?  Because we say so!  There is power behind your words spoken. Be positive!  

🔥Love ya! (virtual hugs) 🔥