Consult, Intuitive Readings and Business Readings

Custom Spellwork-Spiritual Alignment-Business Coaching-Life Coaching. All need quotes directly from Katz. So book a consult or reading with Katz to get quotes and find out what is needed.

  1. Intuitive Reading- $65.00

  2. Business Consult- $55.00

  3. Business Consult & Intuitive Reading-$65.00

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Consult & Intuitive Reading

Business Consult

Advanced Candle Magick
Love , Court , Break Up, Money, Health,Revenge
$150 and up

Business Consult & Intuitive Reading
If you need spell work to get a real estate deal, better


I encourage you to click on
The link in this website for the online botanica. I can tell you exactly what you need , make it custom.

Apprenticeship: $1200
For the year
2 openings left-what you will get
My support. I do not answer the phone unless someone has made appt. so please make sure after you pay that you text me email me a copy of the screen shot so I can schedule your spiritual work. You have access to me for questions and coaching. I will take you under my wing and teach you the ways.