Priestess Katz gives her 100% to all the work she did with my cases. She helped with my court case, helped keep me with protection from all the people who wanted to cause harm to me, she is reliable l,she stays in communication with you. She makes you aware of what is the best option for your situation and gives you the choices. She will go above and beyond to help you. Priestess Katz helped me get through a major tough time in my life.
She is amazing!!!!

Darlene from Vegas

Texas Girl

If you need any type of work done, look no further Katz Rodriguez is so good at what she does. I always tell her It’s a beautiful gift and thank her for sharing it with us. I’ve Been her client for a while. I was having issues with my Salesian Precious Stones and Jewelry(high volume sales) and getting so many returns it was sickening! Once I let Katz know, she told me “ I got you”, did her thing and just like that the sales increased and returns stopped!!! I highly recommend Katz for job work, and love work too! And she returns texts, even in the middle of the night!!! Thank you Katz!!

Your Client,
Texas Girl



Written Testimonial For Katz My Personal Spiritual Guide-Teacher In the Craft-Life Coach

Priestess Katz is the greatest!

I’m one of her clients/apprentice for 4 years and I can tell you every time I had an issue that I couldn’t solve, I reached out to Katz and I always get positive results in less than 48hrs. Katz is fulling boomed year round but will drop everything to help me in any situation. She dedicated her time to helping you in your situation and talks you through every step.

I’ve had legal issues, employment, relationship issues, Spiritual Cleansing’s, financial, prosperity problems and Katz always drop what she doing to help me. Recently she helped me with property issues. I call her out the blue and she got the information, pulled a reading to tell me if the property I was seeking would have issues etc., then guided me through another property that I really wanted, and they accepted my offer even with other people having offers on The table for the same.

Katz is very honest in all situations and will tell you like it is. She will tell you if she can do it or can’t. If she won’t or can’t she will refer you to someone on her spiritual team.

What I love about Katz is before she does anything, she investigates the situation before moving forward to make sure I’m getting the proper help that’s needed. So, no wasted time doing work that will not be needed. She looks over your whole issue at hand and finds solutions to your problem.

She communicates with you very well and makes sure you understand every detail in every situation so you can make the right decision when it comes to getting work. She breaks down every item and fixes it. Katz is like a family member to me and she is my right-hand person to call on, for any situation.

Having a Spiritual life coach can make a big difference in your life. Katz has taught me so much through candle magick, Spell Work, Spiritual Life Counseling and Apprenticeship Coaching Program. She is very well versed in her practice as a Spiritual Worker.

I am forever grateful for being led to Katz over 4 years ago.

Hands Down The best bruja!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sincerely Yours


Hey everyone,

My name is Marlene. I was introduced to Katz through a recommendation and I made the jump to try apprentice with her.

I was very skeptical to ever work with anyone but something about her down to earth nature and honesty just drew me to make the leap of faith so I entered her and email.

I was not disappointed! I got a consult and reading to get approved as required per her site, talking to her for an hour and it was like a conversation with an old friend.

She agreed to work with me and made some really targeted suggestions for books to read in order to be able to break free from any constraints you might have or at the very least have a better understanding and comfort for what you're about to get into.

Katz doesn't make frivolous suggestions so that you're spinning your wheels! She has you jump in and start. Everything has a reason and there's so much to learn. Kat's keeps you forced and moving forward.

Constant video, pictures, text checking and oh my gosh you definitely got a tuned in momma here!

She's active and knowledge in so many subjects of magick and the world cultures in general that people of any culture and background can work with her successfully.

Now let me tell you what Kat is not. She is not a baby sitter, or a hand holder. And while she will push you forward, she won't drag you there. You have to do the work! Her suggestions are targeted and really are more of a requirement.

If you don't follow through with that then you better have an alternative that makes perfect sense that you can work with because you have to be able to perform.

My experience with Kat is all positive.

I've taken the time to read through the books she's suggested and really understand what I was supposed to get out of it. I have a catholic/Christian background and she made it supper easy to overcome my fears and gave me a different point of view that would have made it easy for me to continue with my upbringing. But in my situation, I was not in a place that I wanted to move forward with that.

Kat tuned in to me and came up with a plan to focus on candle magick and suite my abilities and let me grow at my own pace.

I can't say that I’m a person that gets along with everybody (really not many people at all) but Katz is definitely an exception. And I find her invaluable.
Now in the six months I’ve worked with Katz, she's become an invaluable friend and resource!

Texting me to check up because she knew she needed to reach out to me (I have a family issue creep up), working on an ancestor altar, tarot cards, and even poppets. Thinking back, that's a lot in 6 months! And I’ve been successful too.

Katz has even found me a killer deal on a certificated herbalism course because she knew what I was wanting to do!

It is a lot of work and Katz it's a hand holder. She's a busy, working bruja with a lot going on but she invests in her students who really want to learn and that's been my experience with her.

With so many people trying to waste your time and take your money, Katz is honest, ethical and her integrity is beyond reproach.

She cares and takes a personal interest in her students.

I can't wait to go into my next six months to work on my weaknesses and really, I plan on continuing to work with Katz for years to come because there is so much more I want to learn and Katz is continually learning and researching that she's just a wealth of knowledge and can help me take my magick places I didn't know existed.

Katz also has some work she's going to be doing for me and I’m grateful to her for it.

I will definitely be giving an update as to the results and the process since I’ve also never had anyone do any work for me and this would definitely be a good thing for people to know and to have accurate expectations of the process and the work itself.

Thank you Katz for sharing all that you are and investing in me. In the end, I believe I’m getting so much more out of you than I ever expected and initially invested.

I find you invaluable to my practice and cherish your insight and friendship.

Your client & apprentice,



Hey spiritual babies,

I was first introduced to Katz about three years ago while watching a stream YouTube videos.

From the very beginning I knew Katz was special.

What I loved about her was that she was honest, very direct and made it known that she was always willing to help those seeking knowledge with magic and other areas of spirituality.

I also loved that Katz shared so much information through her YouTube channel that I was able to learn the basics of candle magic, connecting with my ancestors, and African spirituality even before speaking to her on the phone.

Once I was approved to be in her apprentice program this summer, I was sent a beautiful gift to be worn that would help to protect me and open doors in my path.

I gotta say that I have accomplished quite a bit since working with Katz, including graduating from a doctorate program, moving to another state, and getting a good job.

I can literally feel that she prays over me. Just when it appears to be another potential obstacle in my path, another door opens.

I would say keep in contact with her and don’t be afraid to ask questions. She is really there for you and wants you to succeed.

I have been able to send her videos for her feedback and she is also available pretty much anytime by text.

I am grateful to have found Katz.

Now that I am settled in a new state I look forward to working with her more.

Peace and blessings to you all.



Skilly Knight

I was introduced to Katz while watching YouTube. I was just channel surfing not viewing anything in particular. To be honest, I was half asleep. I was drawn to her video and my Spirit said get in contact with her. I wasn’t even looking for a teacher. There is a saying, alternately attributed to Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni and the Theosophists, that goes: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. So I listened and I contacted her. Everything happened so fast like Magic! At that stage in my life I was ready to embark on the Odyssey of my Purpose. Katz has been the catalyst in my journey to discovering who I really Am. I knew who I was already but she reinforced and gave me the tools and connections my Soul Needed to be the true Spiritualist That I’am. She is a very busy Spiritualist as all are but she can be contacted at anytime. She understood the Challenging life changes I was embarking on and she had patience with me. She probably knew what I was going through before I even knew. She was very patient with me. She pretty much designs intuitively what you need to learn around the person individually. Words can’t express how happy I’am I took a leap of Faith and I contacted her. She has connected me to the Best and I will forever be grateful. Thank you God and my Ancestors for giving me the nudge to contact Katz.

Skilly Knight



I have been blessed more than I deserve.
This woman did something for me that saved me and my daughter’s lives. My only child ran away from home.  After the 2nd day I was guided to Katz inbox. I barely had to say anything to her.
She had already felt me. And let’s just say my daughter was home that night! 
In my lifetime I have come across a lot of people that say that they are so connected and tapped to the other side. And that they are gifted! But it's turned out that they have a gift just not strong enough for me.
She has been the only one with this gift that has accurately pin pointed me. I am what you call naturally gifted but undeveloped. And I have reached a point in my mature life that my changes are happening so quickly that I would've thought I was going crazy if she wasn't there to guide me.
The blessing comes in that someone that knows and is naturally gifted does things so willingly. She gives way more than she should. But that's also why she's blessed.
The heavens and spirits only make a hand full of these creatures in a lifetime. (In tears) Super stoked and blessed it was in mine.